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February 11th, 2008 by Aisha

Aisha Formanski has worked in the beading and jewelry industry since 1994. Teaching bead-weaving, Precious Metal Clay, metalworking, wire working, resin and yarn spinning has been a strong passion of hers. Her creative endeavors focus on traditional crafts blended with the newest techniques.

Aisha’s work at Everthine Jewelry combines her traditional jewelry training with her knowledge of craft melds. Aisha’s formal jewelry and art education took place at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Her professional jewelry work has included a wide range of endeavors, teaching and buying for The Bead Monkey, consulting on trends in the bead and jewelry industry, and currently working on the Education Team at She stays current by taking classes at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, and industry trade shows. Love of crafts and teaching come together in Aisha’s strong desire to continue education for future generations about traditional handcrafts.

Aisha’s story about choosing the business name Everthine Jewelry.

Everthine Jewelry is a tribute to my Great Auntie May. May owned a flower shop in Los Angeles for over 50 years called Everthine Flowers. Her shop started with fresh flowers and eventually switched to silk flowers. Her shop was huge in character and beauty just like my Auntie May. That shop surrounds many of my childhood memories of visiting May. The rows and rows of high shelves which stored vases, containers, fillers and accents. May was the kind of Auntie who pinched your cheeks hard and hugged you even harder. You never questioned her love while she strongly encouraged me to eat seconds at dinner and then packed my pockets full of candies for the drive home. May was loving, strong, smart, caring and as she would say “a tough cookie”. May Berns passed away on September 5th, 2010 at the age of 93.